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The T-Ball division is co-ed and tailored to our youngest athletes aged 3 & 4 years old.  EBYAA’s T-Ball program is intended to serve as an introduction to the games of baseball & softball. Sinceit is primarily an instructional division, emphasis is placed on having fun and on skill development.

The children hit off of the tee for the entire season, with the potential of switching to coach pitch depending on the individual player’s development. Because a strong emphasis is placed on making the game fun and enjoyable, as well as informative, no scores are kept and innings do not end until every child has had the opportunity to bat. Also, reasonable requests for pairings/groupings are honored to the best of EBYAA’s ability. Please indicate your request on the registration form. Please remember however, that the T-Ball division is the only division in which such requests are honored.

Although coaches are very involved on the field, they will need the assistance of many parents. As you can imagine, trying to keep a team of 3 & 4 year olds focused, takes the efforts of more than one individual.

T-Ball games are typically played once per week on Saturdays. The season begins in early April and concludes in late May. Teams are allowed 30 minutes to practice prior to the start of the games. Additional practice times are left up to the coaches of the individual teams. Games last 45 minutes.

EBYAA will provide each child with a shirt and cap. Parents are responsible for providing a baseball glove, cleats, and a helmet. You may also choose to purchase a bat for your child. All of this equipment can be purchased rather inexpensively at any sporting goods retailer.